lundi 22 mars 2010

Arthur Lyman - At The Crescendo (LP 1963)

Arthur Lyman: Vibraphone, marimbas, congas, bongos, guitar ect...
John Kramer: Basse, flûte, guitar, ukulélé, clarinette et percussions
Harold Chang: Percussions, contrebasse et divers instruments exotiques
Alan Soares: Piano, guitar, glockenspiel et marimbas

01. Similau
02. Days of Wine and Roses
03. Te Manu Pakarua
04. Waltz Latino
05. China Nights
06. Night Train
07. Pu Pu Hino Hino
08. Crickets of Karachi
09. Cindy Oh Candy
10. Cast Your Fate to The Winds
11. Song of Delilah
12. Slaughter on 10th Avenue

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